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4 Foot Swamp Gator Prop
4 Foot Swamp Gator Prop
4 Foot Swamp Gator Prop
Item Id: 164710 review
Looks like the real deal. Made of foam-filled vinyl. 4 feet long. Excellent color and detailing.

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4 ft Swamp Gator
This gator looks like the real thing in person & will be perfect for both our swamp voodoo scene & the witch shack. Worth every penny!
Reviewer location/date: creepsville, CA on 7/10/2014
A good prop
I like the gator prop, but he is not a solid body, his head is a solid, foam filled head, but the body is not, the body is just a shell.
Reviewer location/date: Port Orange, Florida on 6/10/2014
This quality Gator is not a bunch of Croc
The paint detail on this prop is outstanding. He truly looks menacing...if you can get by his tiny 4' long profile. Because he is hollow, he can possibly be placed on an armature for a pneumatic setup. The mouth can be opened a bit to stick in a femur bone or finger props. The feet, however, do not contact the ground.
Reviewer location/date: Snohomish, WA on 11/13/2013
Nice Gator
This is a foam mold (hollow on bottom) good lookin' gator. Paint and detailing look realistic enough to scare people walking up to our front porch in daylight. Very lightweight too for storage. Definitely worth the money, next best gator I've seen was well over 100
Reviewer location/date: West Coast on 11/22/2011
alli hollow
not entirely foam filled...is hollow still "handsome"
Reviewer location/date: orlando on 11/15/2011