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Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor
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Aliens, terrorists or the Nukes of Hazard? The world will end and so will you. This Soul Survivor haunts the Earth cloaked in a fiendish rotting hood, feeding on toxic ooze. Latex portion of mask only covers the face. A thick black elastic strap holds the mask comfortably in place while the shrouded hood completely covers the back of the head. The wearer's eyes are hidden with a black sheer material that you can see through. Truthfully, this mask has jumped to the top of our favorites list this year - the eye fabric is very dark yet fantastic to see through, even in a dimly lit room. There is nylon fabric underneath the burlap hood so your skin is not bothered by the rough fabric. An incredible Halloween mask.

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This mask is awesome, it's a must have for anyone! I added a few details, nose holes for breathing and some touch ups with a black permanent marker. there is no neck cover to this mask for those who are wondering. The biohazard bottle is hollow which makes for the perfect place to put a small voice changer. I put a few drops of superglue around the bottle where it connects to the mask for extra support. The hood is actually longer than what I thought it would be but I still like it.
Reviewer location/date: tn on 10/25/2011