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Peter Rottentail
Peter Rottentail
Item Id: 510150 review
Here comes Peter Rottentail terrorizing the cotton trail! The Peter Rottentail Halloween costume is just amazing, perfect for use in amusement parks and haunted houses! Consists of a deluxe mask - oversize for a monsterous effect, oversize hands, feet, and full furry bodysuit costume with vest. Mask has great detailing - the eyes look fantastic with fine blood shot lines.  Hands are worn like gloves (no extension poles inside) with padding for a comfortable fit and the fingers can move. If you're looking to make a big impression this Halloween, then this monstrous beast is right for you!  This costume measures approximately 64" around the chest/middle and from the top of the shoulder to bottom of pant leg is 68" long.  The length is measured with the costume lying flat, so with a body inside to take up some of the space, it would be a little shorter.

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Petter Rottentail Costume
This Costume is the best costume i have purchased. the quality is great and i have nothing bad to say about this costume. But you can expect to sweat because it can get hot if your walking around/ if your sitting stationary or in one place its not bad. i am exactly 6ft tall and about 185 pounds and its fits great. people love it and i do as well, definitely a good buy if your goal is to scare lol
Reviewer location/date: Arizona on 10/3/2015