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Giggles Creature Reacher
Giggles Creature Reacher
Giggles Creature Reacher
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The Giggles Creature Reacher Halloween costume is just amazing - as are all of the Creature Reachers and Night Terrors. These costumes are used in amusement parks and haunted houses all over the country! Each one consists of a deluxe mask - most oversize for a monstrous effect, oversize hands on extension poles which lengthen the wearer's reach by at least two feet per arm, and a costume. On this particular Creature Reacher Halloween costume, the Giggles mask is quite large! Costume includes clown shirt with long extensions of fabric, like a jester's collar with jingle balls at the ends. One hand holds a clown's gun while the other arm has a tattoo of a smiley face with a cirlce around it with a line through it. If you're looking to make a big impression this Halloween as a scary clown of monsterous proportions, then this Creature Reacher costume is right for you!

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