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Freak N Monster Creature Reacher
Freak N Monster Creature Reacher
Freak N Monster Creature Reacher
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The Freak N Monster Creature Reacher Halloween costume is just amazing - as are all of the Creature Reachers and Night Terrors. These costumes are used in amusement parks and haunted houses all over the country! Each one consists of a deluxe mask - most oversize for a monstrous effect, oversize hands on extension poles which lengthen the wearer's reach by at least two feet per arm, and a costume. On this particular Creature Reacher Halloween costume, the Freak N Monster mask is huge! Mask extends down onto shoulders and chest and it has padding inside, which keeps the top of head flat looking and also helps the mask to sit properly on wearer's head. Also includes a shredded brown robe with burlap over-robe to finish the look. Includes chain belt and each wrist has latex shackle on it with real metal chains hanging down - looks like this monster has just busted free! If you're looking to make a big impression this Halloween as Frankenstein, then this Creature Reacher costume is right for you!

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