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Chew Chew The Clown Mask
Chew Chew The Clown Mask
Chew Chew The Clown Mask
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FREE USA SHIPPING* Joining a traveling freak show in the 1920's after a life of ridicule for his appearance.. William Chueski thought he had finally found his purpose in life, to entertain. With his goofy demeanor and freakishly large teeth Mr. Chueski was the perfect addition to the show. Children would come from far and wide to see the "Star Of The Show". However, all this instant fame after a life of hiding, quickly went to William's head. He began to refuse to remove his makeup, even away from the stage. He was constantly attempting to overshadow his fellow "Freaks". In one such event of upstaging showmanship, "Chew Chew" as the children dubbed him.. knocked a lantern over into the hay lined floor below. He screamed violently as the flames baked the grease paint into his face, burnt his wig to his skull and cooked him alive. The crowd believing this was part of the show sat clapping offering no assistance. By the time anyone had attempted to help it was far too late... "Chew Chew" was burnt on 70% of his body. He was never seen on stage again. People have claimed to see him over the years, hiding in the shadows, covering all but his face with a hooded robe. But those are just rumors.... Chew Chew The Clown Mask Made through a tremendous partnership with the amazing Zagone Studios! Chew Chew features a hand painted latex face with a heavy cloth hood. *Free Economy USA Shipping

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