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Buzz - Animated Electric Chair Guy
Buzz - Animated Electric Chair Guy
Buzz - Animated Electric Chair Guy
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Have you ever wanted a great animated electric chair prop, but at a reasonable price? Where let me introduce you to Buzz. This condemned prisoner has attitude...taunting the crowd as the 'switch' is thrown.  He says things like "Go on, do it!  I'm not scared are you?"  Once the "switch" is thrown, from the waist up he moves violently back and forth groaning while loud electric zapping is heard.  Afterward he says things like "Thanks alot, somebody needs to wash my underwear."  Buzz says several different phrases - all imploring you not to throw that switch! He is a lifesize character, with excellent details - his eyes are bloodshot, his prison outfit is impeccable, and his sarcastic humor is a hit! Comes with audio CD that you play in your own CD player.  All electric and uses regular household current.  He is sound activated by his own cd - must be positioned right behind him with volume on loud.  His mechanics are solid steel - nothing plastic.  His body is all latex - the entire torso, head, full length of arms and legs - not just plastic tubing or skinny metal armature.  A very high quality Halloween prop.  110-240 V.  Chair  and straps around arms not included.  Weighs 32 lbs.  Part of the Frightronics line of animated props by Distortions.  Check out the video for Buzz in action.  You will need to strap Buzz to the chair, otherwise he will jump right out!  PLEASE NOTE:  Product cannot be shipped internationally - it exceeds postal limitations.

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