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BoneJangles Skull Mask
BoneJangles Skull Mask
BoneJangles Skull Mask
Item Id: 201822 review
FREE USA SHIPPING* Bonejangles... the coolest cat in the graveyard! Believe it or not things were not always as rocking for this graveyard legend! Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1923 Borden J Angles was an aspiring jazz musician.. as many in the area were. He would play his heart out for anyone willing to listen. The one problem was he wasn't very good... or even good at all. Persistence was the only reason he managed to pick up the 3pm spot at a local establishment, little did he know it would change his lift forever. The 3pm crowd of this such establishment had a mix of patrons, one of which happen to stand out to Borden. A very well dressed woman sat in the back, Borden noticed her as well as she noticed him. After the show, she approached Borden. After speaking on the show and his dreams to become a great performer she offered him a proposition. His eyes lit up as she discussed this opportunity to seal his fate as a legend. Borden hearing his first opportunity to live his dreams neglected to hear the price of obtaining them, as the woman spoke. She said," I've got a spot for someone of your desire, to be the greatest of all time.. to shake the bones and rattle the stones.. if you choose to decline, that is fine.. if you choose to sign, here sign your soul is mine." Her smooth talking, lovely face lured Borden in almost in a trance. With wet ink on the page Borden could feel himself begin to change. His hands melted to bone and his skin fell from his face, revealing a yellow skeleton underneath. The woman cackled as he lunged away attempting to escape what seemed to be his own self! He fell to the floor shedding his skin like a snake. The woman stood up and grabbed him by the boney foot. He gasped trying to escape her as she spoke calmly again, "Shake the bones and rattle the stones, SHAKE THE BONES AND RATTLE THE STONES!" Borden, horrified of the mistake he had made begged to be let go, to escape.. She silently dragged him into the dark back corner where she has first appeared to him. Borden had in fact been granted his true wish for life, it just came at the cost of it. Every now and again a passerby will hear a deep saxophone from the graveyard. No its not their imagination, its not the wind.. its a Graveyard Grove from 6ft under.. with the hottest Jazz musician in the afterlife. BoneJangles Skull Mask Made by the amazing Ghoulish Productions Exclusively for Creepy Twists Productions. Hand painted over the head mask 100% Latex! *Free Economy USA Shipping!

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