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1950's Retro Alien Mask
1950's Retro Alien Mask
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FREE USA SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM* 1947: Roswell, New Mexico. Uncovered from classified documentation this rendering of a "Little Green Man" is spot on to eyewitness accounts. Featuring a large green cranium and deep purple eyes. We all have heard the stories of the Roswell Alien discovery.. however many haven't heard of the 1950's resurgence of sightings. From accounts of locals and still to this day not debunked by officials, there were survivors to the crash. Lifeforms that walk among us today who did not succumb to the initial impact back in 47. With such a surge of technological progress in the last 70 years.. it is certainly possible we have these intergalactic lifeforms pulling the strings. Creating a world of mindless zombies who stare at small screens, oblivious to their own impending doom. Put on your aluminum foil hats for this one! 1950's Alien Mask Made through a tremendous partnership with the amazing Ghoulish Productions! 1950's Alien Features a full over the head design and great visibility 100% Latex. * Free Economy USA Shipping.

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