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Webcaster Web Gun
Webcaster Web Gun
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The Webcaster Gun is the only professional cobweb system developed with the home haunter in mind! This is the perfect tool to create professional looking spider webs. All that is needed is a simple air compressor (4 CFM or greater, but not higher than 90 psi), an outlet, and a few webcaster sticks (6 clear sticks are included).  
Basically, the webcaster sticks are glue sticks designed to fit this gun. So keep in mind that you are making webs of glue and should be mindful of what items you spray the webs on. You can shoot webs up to approximately 12 feet away. Webs are most easily removed from hard, smooth surfaces like finished wood, metal, ceramics, and other similar materials. Webbing is not removable from carpet and fabrics. Some porous surfaces may be hard to clean.
Please see the additional photos to see our testing of the gun - on a few props as well as outdoors on a front porch. The props took a little more than one webcaster stick and the porch area took about 6 sticks. Air compressor is not included nor available through this site.

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