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The Walking Dead - Deer Walker Mask
The Walking Dead - Deer Walker Mask
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Straight from the screen of AMC's The Walking Dead comes the most famous Walker in the series, The Deer Walker (Eyes shown are not part of the mask).

The Deer Walker makes his appearance in the third episode of the TV series entitled "Tell It To The Frogs."

A terrified Carl wanders up on a Walker feasting on the remains of a dead deer. The Walker turns around and growls, forcing the group to knock the creature to the ground and attack it. Dale severs the Deer Walker's head from his body when another sound is heard from the woods. The sound turns out to be Daryl returning from a squirrel hunt. The survivors look in horror as the severed head of the Deer Walker is still animated and growling. Daryl walks up and casually puts an arrow into the Deer Walker's eye with his crossbow. Portrayed by The Walking Dead's director Greg Nicotero and sculpted by Neal Kennemore, the Artist that sculpted a number of The Walking Dead Walkers for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights - The Walking Dead Maze, using hundreds of screen references, the Deer Walker full over the head latex Halloween Mask looks like it came right off the screen of The Walking Dead.

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