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The Pumpkin Gutter
The Pumpkin Gutter
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Make quick work of gutting your pumpkin for faster carving!  The Pumpkin Gutter can be used with any electric or cordless drill to remove seeds and strings quickly without the mess of traditional carving. Tool is dishwasher safe stainless steel and won't damage pumpkin seeds. Perfect for thinning pumpkin walls for professional carving results too.

Follow these instructions and you'll be a Pumpkin Gutter expert in no time! Follow the manufacturer's operation and safety instructions for your drill. Insert and tighten the Pumpkin Gutter shaft into the drill chuck, like you would a drill bit. Cut and remove the lid of the pumpkin. Have an assistant secure the pumpkin by holding onto the exterior. They should wear gloves and keep their hands well away from the opening and the Pumpkin Gutter. With the drill on a medium speed, insert the Pumpkin Gutter pumpkin carving tool ball end into the pumpkin. Lightly go over all interior surfaces to loosen the seeds and strings. Strings may wrap around the Pumpkin Gutter shaft. With the drill off, remove the shaft from the drill and slide the strings off of the end of the shaft. Occasionally turn off the drill and empty the loose seeds and strings by turning the pumpkin over and simply dumping them out.

Once the seeds and strings are gone, use the same process to remove excess wall thickness. Repeat until the walls are approximately 1" thick. This will make your pumpkin much easier to carve. For safe Halloween fun, The Pumpkin Gutter is intended for adult use only. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Contain long hair, keep yourself and others away from moving parts. Always wear eye protection. Blades are sharp, use caution when holding.

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