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Pumpkin Wow Carving Tattoos - Classic Pack
Pumpkin Wow Carving Tattoos - Classic Pack
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Pumpkin Wow carving tattoos are very different from traditional pumpkin patterns.  With the old kind of patterns, you had to poke holes all along the edge of the design and then go back and carve out the design.  With the tattoos - you simply peel the pattern off the backing, soak the tattoo in water, apply to the pumpkin surface, and then carve out everything that's black.  No more poking holes!  And it's so much simpler to clearly see what the pumpkin design is rather than staring at a bunch of dots.

The Classic Collection Tattoo Party Pack is designed for the carver who is ready to do some impressive work and really give the impression that they are an artist or expert. These patterns are not necessarily hard to do, but they do require patience and a steady hand.

These 12 classic frightful designs offer traditional Halloween themes but with an edgy sophistication that only an artist can create. Patterns included are; Bell Witch, Egyptian Cotton, Decrepit, Mountain Music, Pile Up, Paneful, Ha Ha Ha, The Gathering, Grrrr, Midnight Playground, Frightful Ride, Overheating. When you finish a Classic carving design your pumpkin will be anything but ordinary and will surely be the talk of the neighborhood!

Bell Witch, Egyptian Cotton and Decrepit are 3D shaving patterns where the tattoo is two-tone and you carve all the way through the black parts and half way through the gray parts creating a sculpted 3D effect.

Tattoo dimensions are approximately 8 x 8. While each pumpkin carving tattoo is designed to be transferred to a pumpkin, it can also safely be transferred to a watermelon, gourd and even your skin. Use our carving tattoos as a template to carve a pumpkin or transfer them just to decorate the pumpkin and skip the carving. All tattoos are made in the USA.

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