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La Llorona - Weeping Woman
La Llorona - Weeping Woman
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The legend of La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, began in Mexico.  It tells the tale of a woman who drowned her children in the river so that she could be with the man she loved.  He rejected her anyway and she killed herself.  When trying to enter heaven, she was asked where her children were.  She said she couldn't find them.  She was told she would not be admitted to heaven until she found them.  On occasion, she can be seen down by the river crying, searching for children to steal.   This is a full over the head latex mask of a hideous woman whose tears are rotting her flesh away!  Amazing detail and piercing eyes on this mask.

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La Llorona Mask
Mask is great, best quality of any I have recently purchased. The only thing I would have liked was a little more hair and for it not to be so messed up. I lost a little more getting it straight and taking small pieces of something out of the strands. Superb otherwise.
Reviewer location/date: Elkhart, IN on 10/31/2014
Super mask!
Great sculpt, detail and paint. The mouth and eyes are downright scary. Will be a great female zombie mask. The hair could lay a little nicer, and tends to fall over her face most of the time but overall a great mask.
Reviewer location/date: Erie, PA on 9/5/2014
It's okay
This is a decent mask but in my opinion not one of the better ones. I think it would be good for an actor wearing as a quick scare but not one I will be drawing attention to in my haunt.
Reviewer location/date: Canada on 11/13/2013
Spook House
Very scary & great quality.
Reviewer location/date: Kentucky on 9/17/2011
Made For Scares!
Excellent quallity, great price and speedy shipping. What more could I ask for! This one will scare 'em good!!!
Reviewer location/date: Dallas, TX on 9/11/2011