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Fungus Amongus Animated Prop
Fungus Amongus Animated Prop
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When there is no more room in hell the dead will ROCK on earth.
Fungus Amongus is a terrifying life-size character that rocks back and forth in any chair to create a creepy realistic effect to any home or haunt. This re-animated corpse features frighteningly-detailed slush-PVC head and hands that look as if he is growing fungus from his wounds, "moldy" tattered shirt and pants, realistic blow-molded plastic boots, and an easy-to-assemble metal frame. Plug in the UL power adapter into any standard outlet. Choose from Steady-On for both rocking and sound, Steady-On rocking with foot pad-activated sounds, or OFF with Foot Pad activation for both movement and sound. Once activated Fungus Amongus will begin rocking back and forth while saying three eerie sayings. Item includes volume control. Assembly required.

Please note:  Product looks like as shown in the photo, not the video.  The video shows blood on the prop, which is not correct and may have been added for effect.

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Nice face, cheap body frame, and top heavy
He is made of metal poles- the body filler is small foam tubes. Top heavy and will have to be zip tied so he doesn't fallen over. When he stops, he leans forward- not upright. Motor runs loud. Not the best purchase for the money but not worth sending back and having to pay the shipping both ways.

Note from Halloween Asylum - After seeing this review, we were concerned there may be a problem with these props, so we put one together in our warehouse to check it out. We did not find it top heavy at all - it ran for about 20 minutes in a rocker and never once tipped in the slightest way. So I am unsure what the reviewer is referring to. In reference to it stopping while leaned forward - there are three settings for this prop - one is the "Try Me" mode in which the prop is off and when someone steps on the included step pad, it starts rocking while it speaks and then stops rocking. I'm assuming this is the mode the above review refers to. If you set it in either of the actual normal running modes, the prop rocks constantly so it's never stopped until you actually shut it off. The only difference between the two normal modes is whether or not the audio track runs constantly or whether it is activated by the step pad. But either way, the prop rocks continuously.
Reviewer location/date: Fort Smith on 9/13/2013