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Foam Filled Head and Hands - Captain Lester
Foam Filled Head and Hands - Captain Lester
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You can't keep a good man down... Captain Lester will forever roam the battle fields.

Prop builders rejoice! If you use masks as heads for your own ghoulish creations, then this prop set is for you! This head has been foam filled at the factory while still in its mold for maintaining perfect shape. It has had no holes or cuts in it - none for the eyes, ears, nose, mouth or even the slit in the back. It also has a pair of foam filled hands painted to match perfectly.

Each piece has a piece of 1'' PVC pipe inserted into the foam, ready to attach to your body frame.  The head offers approximately 6'' of exposed pipe for use as the neck.  The hands measure approximately 18'' from fingertip to elbow, so no need to add PVC for a forearm.  This set is perfect to build your own life-size prop - whether it's standing, sitting, a half-body groundbreaker, or even just the head and hands reaching out to you from the great beyond!

Set includes the head and hands shown in the primary photo.  Additional photos (featuring Zombie Gutarg) are for idea purposes only to show how the pieces can easily attach to a pvc frame.  Clothing, pvc frame, and spider joints not included.

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Capt Lester - Foamed Filled
One of my favorites of the offered foamed filled masks and hands. Makes prop building easy.
Reviewer location/date: VA on 9/13/2013
Captain Lester
What an excellent prop! Doing a bunker scene inside our cemetery! This guy is so real looking it isnt funny! Top quality prop!
Reviewer location/date: Canada on 6/3/2013
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